Traffic Enforcement with Radar
  • A multi-tracking radar sensor
  • - Fixed system mounted on a pole
    - Mobile system on a tripod
  • 21 times/sec vehicle tracking

Traffic Enforcement with Radar

EUR.ELEC, in cooperation with Sensys Traffic AB, presents in the Greek market, the most advanced traffic enforcement solution.

  • Sensys’ system is based on RS240 sensor, a multi-tracking radar sensor that allows among others :

    • 21 times/sec vehicle tracking

    • Maximum speed measurement accuracy

    • Minimization of faulty speed measurement due to reflections

  • The system’s major applications are :

    • Speed Enforcement

    • Red-light enforcement

    • Bus-lane enforcement

  • The system is deployed both in urban areas as well as in motorways.

There are two available deployment options :

- Fixed system mounted on a pole

- Mobile system mounted on a tripod