Traffic Data Collectors
  • Vehicle-by-Vehicle Data Recording
  • Communications via Modem & Landline or GSM/GPRS for Data Download
  • Euro 6 Classification or User Defined

Traffic Data Collectors

Eur.Elec cooperates with TDC Systems, manufacturer of HI-TRAC traffic counter series.

  • HI-TRAC systems are low power traffic data collection systems that can be configured as

    • Loop Volumetric Counters

    • Loop Speed and Length Classifiers

    • Loop Profiling Classifiers

    • AVC with Bicycle and Motorcycle Classifiers

    • Weight-in-Motion Systems

    • Event Monitoring Systems

  • The unit incorporates interfaces to both piezo electric sensors, inductive loop sensors and a road installed temperature probe.

  • The HI-TRAC® system can be powered from either mains supply or solar panel and associated battery & charge regulator.

  • Modem and landline or GSM communications options are available. A small, vandal proof GSM antenna is available for installation on the top of the roadside cabinet.